Are You Sick of Dust in Your Home?

Have you looked behind your cold air
return grilles lately?

This build up of dust occurred within only a few years of having the ducts professionally cleaned! Vent Guard™ Grilles can prevent this!

Vent Guard™ Filters & Easy to Open Faceplate

Vent Guard™ Filters are disposable, inexpensive, and very easy to replace. The easy to open faceplate is simple and quick to completely remove from the base, making it very easy to take to the sink and wash.
A filter is included inside each Vent Guard™ grille package (2 filters are included with
the 30“ x 6” and 30“ x 8” models).

How it Will Look in Your Home

Very easy to install and aesthetically more appealing. Available in 4 sizes and will replace most of the standard grilles on the market.

The wall mounted grilles are available in sizes 14“ X 6", 14“ X 8", 30“ X 6", and 30“ x 8”.


Vent Guard™

The return air grille that filters the air before it enters your duct port.

Retail Stores

Vent Guard™ is available at the following participating retail stores and other fine retailers: