Features & Benefits

Vent Guard utilizes a revolutionary new filtration design for cold air return vents used with forced air furnace systems.


Professionally engineered and moulded out of tough “plastic”

  • Extremely Durable
  • Fits right in place of most existing vents
  • Very easy to install
  • Many sizes available: 14″ x 6″, 14″ x 8″, 30″ x 6″, and 30″ x 8″
  • Grilles may be easily spray painted with a laquer based spray paint to match your homes walls or baseboards. No primer necesssary, but grille must be clean.
  • Aesthetically more pleasing, manufactured for the finest of homes


Provides filtration of all air entering the heating system

  • Catch and dispose of dust, pet hair, and allergens easily
  • Significantly reduces dust within whole duct system and home resulting in substantial cost benefits by:
  • Significantly reducing the need for duct cleaning
  • Significantly increases furnace filter life
  • Lowers Heating Bill


Easy to open face plate (removable) with child resistant latches

  • Replacement of filter made easy
  • Makes for easy cleaning of the grille and inside the base
  • Child resistant latches ensure safety for children


Filter tray is built into the easy to open face plate

  • Ensures that filter fits snug into the tray
  • Permits no air to flow without being filtered