Filter Replacement

Vent Guard™ Filters are disposable, inexpensive, and very easy to replace. The easy to open faceplate is simple and quick to completely remove from the base, making it very easy to take to the sink and wash.

Filter Replacement
There are 4 different grille sizes:
“14 x 6”
“30 x 6”
Both of these use the “14 x 6” replacement filters.
“14 x 8”
“30 x 8”
Both of these use the “14 x 8” replacement filters.
Replacing the Filter

Opening the grille: Along the vertical seams (just inside of the screws) you will see in both the top right hand and left hand corners a small tab roughly ¾ of an inch long.

These are the childproof tabs that have to be pushed to the outside which will enable the grille to pop open by pulling on the 2 larger tabs at the top of the grille. Use a flat screwdriver or butter knife to slip into the seam to push the small tabs to the outside. You do 1 at a time, pop it open slightly from the top tab and then repeat on the other side.

Replace the old filter, and snap shut. The process should take less than 10 seconds.

child proof tab